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Acting in English

Pronunciation & Spontaneity through Improvisation in English.

Looking for a new, dynamic, up-and-out-of-your-chair way to work on your English?
Are English pronunciation and fluency your next big goals?

Intermediate & Advanced

Through improvisation exercises, this course will challenge your ability to think, speak, and take action on the spot, all in English!  This is exactly what happens to you when you travel, when you give an interview, or when you attend a conference!

Improvisation training helps language learners to respond quickly, without worrying about making mistakes. We provide a non-competitive, supportive environment with exercises and games that move you from very simple language structures to more complicated ones.

Pronunciation, ETC.
The course also incorporates instruction and practice of English pronunciation, stress, and intonation in order to correct fossilized errors in the sounds Spanish-speakers make in English.

Vocabulary Building
Because we invent a multitude of scenes and places (the who, what, where), you use vocabulary from many different areas in one single session.  You might be a police officer in a restaurant or a zookeeper in a hospital.  The range of vocabulary you will use and learn is infinite.

Who else does it?
Corporations have seen the benefits of improvisation, and many have had their employees attend improvisation workshops to develop team building as well as intrapersonal and interpersonal skills.

A note about “acting”:
Most of the improvisation games are meant for beginners of improvisation. We do not go into depth about drama components such as character development, plot development, and relationships. However, the games develop these components subconsciously and help students to have these experiences so that they may be further developed.


Información adicional

  • Nota importante: El trabajo es individual con cada alumno, puedes incorporarte en cualquier momento. Dos niveles: Intermedio y Avanzado.
  • Plazas: 8 alumnos
  • Sábado: Intermedio 11:00-12:30h y Avanzado 12:30-14:00h.
  • Precio: 80 €/mes.
  • Bco. Sabadell: Crédito Curso.
  • Ejemplo de financiamiento: A 10 meses: 800€ = 80€/mes (0% interés).
  • Otros Plazos: Consultar.


Monólogo extraído de la obra de un acto "Tonto Cósmico" de Bárbara Lindsay, con Ana Calabozo. Este ejercicio es resultado del Taller Intensivo de Verano. Método Madrid

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